Thursday, 26 February 2015

Monday's seminar

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Sorry, but here's another good article on serious games.  It's kinda long.. but there's a lot of interesting stuff out there on the topic of virtual reality, immersive environments and serious games as they relate to cultural heritage..
Some general things I want to think about are: What do 'immersion', 'reality', 'authenticity' and 'accuracy' really (and variously) mean in the context of heritage and serious games.
How does immersion affect learning, and what does this mean for pedagogy going forward (relating to heritage).
Or, what implications might these media have for the physical heritage (because there will always be physical heritage)

Bellotti et al. (2012) "A Serious Game Model for Cultural Heritage"
should be easy to find on Google scholar.

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Ramsay Macfie said...

To access this article off campus you need to look on the libraries website databases under ACM Digital Library