Sunday, 22 February 2015

Something to mull over for tomorrow

Hey all,

Tomorrow we talk about visualization and 3D printing. What the readings don't really address are some of the broader 'disruptive" social impacts these technologies have, and especially in museum contexts, but of course, this is where both intended and unintended consequences of the embracing of this "dance of the flip-flip" approach to the digital and physical really play out. I like Liz Neely and Miriam Langer's exploration of these ideas in a paper they wrote in 2013. They clearly are fans of the transformative implications this technology has for museums and museum experience, but are not so doe-y eyed as to not recognize some of the challenges.

I encourage you to read this short and interesting paper for our discussion tomorrow, as well as remind you of the blog I posted last month on the qualms I have with the whole 3D printing thing, since these are certainly themes I am hoping we get to unpack tomorrow. See you all then!

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