Monday, 23 February 2015

Thinking of today's discussion..

I was thinking of today's discussion and all of the unanswered questions when I came across this on the internet.  I wonder what discussions were behind the decision to scan here?


Jennifer Willoughby said...

Brandy, I was wondering much the same thing when I read about this! None of the articles I have found discuss why they originally decided to scan the statue or what they hoped to find. Since it is in a museum in the Netherlands, I am wiling to suggest that it is unlikely that the decision to display the statue/mummy or scan it involved members of the Chinese Buddhist community. The articles also do not mention how the museum came to be in possession of this artifact or whether putting it on display is considered acceptable by the Chinese Buddhist community. As an archaeologist, I think this find is very interesting, especially as it is (so far) unique, but I am also disappointed that the mummy will go on display in Budapest and Luxembourg, but there is no mention of it traveling to China for either repatriation or display. One can imagine that if the museum curators and researchers had included representatives from China to be involved in the discussion, the outcome might have been very different

Ramsay Macfie said...

I agree that there is a lack of information regarding the sorts of things WE as archaeologists would like to know about this discovery. And it is quite possible that the ideal steps have not been taken regarding the sensitivity of such a procedure. But, we aren't the primary audience this time, so I personally hesitate to make any assumptions about who's been talking to whom.. Anyhow, cool discovery.. A coupel days ago we were tryignto figure out if this thing is real or a hoax on account of it being almost TOO perfect..

Kayley Sherret said...

I remember having seen a bit on other Buddhist monks being mummified and being made into statues using gold gilt. I didn't know it was anything other than a very unique situation until I watched this youtube video, where they discuss it in minute 2.

In my attempt to find the youtube video I also came across this link where it describes accusations that the mummy was stolen and that the community wants it to be repatriated.